To most of the people, negative thoughts seem to be more normal than the thought of positive thinking. As when the science tried to find out the result of this query, it was found out that the positive thinking calls for certain amount of effort and working, while, negative thoughts arrive in the minds without any effort. The type of thoughts is also affected by the education and surroundings in which one has been surviving in. If one has been brought up in a good and superb environment with all the positivity around the house, then there will be more chanced that the person might be attracted to positive thinking. But if a person is brought up in bad or hard times, then they would be more prone to negative thoughts.

It is obvious that we see the world with our overall mental attitude or thoughts. If the mind of a person is good, then it is obviously good for them. But if the mind of a person is bad or if they would have faced bad situations, then it would definitely show them those situations again and again. Mental health treatment is one of the most important things that shouldn’t be overlooked. Below are 10 powerful tips which would definitely help a person in ignoring negative thoughts and accepting positive energy or thoughts. Go ahead and have a look!

  1. Every time when you find yourself thinking about a bad situation, then you should develop a habit of replacing it with good one.
  2. If you find yourself thinking of failure before starting a work, then you should automatically get into practice of thinking of successes.
  3. Sometimes, people use negative words for their incapability of doing things on time. Then, switch to good and positive words.
  4. Do not say “I cannot”; rather say “I’ll do it”.
  5. Do not repeat bad words or phrases in your mind. Replace them with good ones.
  6. Have more confidence in yourself. This will help you in having good results.
  7. Decide now that you are leaving all the negativity and accepting only positivity. Do repeat this sentence again and again.
  8. Treat yourself in a way you would treat your best friend. This means value yourself.
  9. Set goals for your future.
  10. Give yourself regular challenges and tasks and keep a note on your progress.

I think, these tips provided by Dr. Satyakant Trivedi, a psychiatrist in Bhopal will definitely help you.

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