ADHD is a health disorder that has an effect on the brain and way of behaving. There is no known treatment for ADHD but some alternatives are there that can help your kid to manage the signs and symptoms of this sickness. Treatments range from behavioral intervention to the recommended pills. In several cases, medication alone is effective for ADHD. However the professional says that including other alternatives is also crucial. Read this post to learn about what all ADHD treatment in Bhopal can be helpful in managing this disorder.

ADHD treatment in Bhopal - Dr Satyakant Trivedi

Therapies –


It can be helpful in getting the child to be open up regarding their feelings of coping p with this sickness. ADHD can cause the kid to have trouble with authority figures and peers. Psychotherapy as the best ADHD treatment in Bhopal can help the kid to better handle these relationships.

In psychotherapy, a kid may also be able to explore their behavior patterns and learn making good choices in their prospect. Family therapy can be the right way of figuring out how best to work through disruptive behaviors.

Social skill training

Sometimes it can be helpful if a kid shows serious issues dealing with social environments. The aim of social skills training is teaching the kid new and more suitable behaviors. This helps the child with ADHD play and work well with others. A psychoanalyst may try teaching behaviors like-

  • sharing toys,
  • dealing with teasing
  • waiting their turn
  • asking for the help

Parenting skills training

Immediate rewards

Trying using point system or other means of immediate rewards for good act or work


Find time together every week for sharing enjoyable or peaceful activities. During this period you can seek the opportunities to point out what your kid does well and appreciate their abilities and strengths

Striving for triumph

According to psychiatrist in Bhopal, Dr Satyakant Trivedi – Structure situations allow your kid finding triumph. For example, you may permit the kid to have only one to two playmates so they do not get over stimulated

Talking to the doctor-

Effective ADHD treatment in Bhopal for kids also includes other approaches. These include medicine and more kinds of therapies that you may put into practice. Getting the right treatment can assist the kid to manage ADHA symptoms and feel good about them.

To learn about which treatment can be the right fit for your kid you can talk to the child psychiatrist in Bhopal. You can ask would medication and therapy help my kid, what are the false effects from the medication my kid may get? Take time and have a complete discussion with the doctor regarding this illness so your kid may get better treatment and may start to live a relaxing life.

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