The current pandemic of COVID-19 and the result of it being complete lockdown are taking a toll on each and every aspect of the life, involving the mental health as well as well-being. The crisis that is roaming on the public health would have been affected people living with depression.

Depression and covid19

The stress of the public health that corona virus is presenting and the huge amount of lives it has caused, combined with the isolation, lack of accessing the favorite activities and an uncertain future are causing huge tensions in the mind of people. These problems could be literally very daunting for those who are experiencing the mental health situations. If you notice you or your loved ones facing some of the mental health issues, then depression treatment in Bhopal is the first thing that you must go for.

Depression is much more devastating than simply feeling sad. It is one such mental condition which greatly affects both the mind as well as the body. Depression greatly affects on how an individual sleeps, eats and sees the world. Most of the depressed people aren’t able to concentrate on the simple and tiny prospects of the life. The professional psychiatrist also tells us the fact that people who deals with the mental health issues on a regular basis would be more vulnerable than others during a public health crisis due to the following situations:

  • They are considered as more likely to pick up the infections.
  • For them, getting the treatment at the right time would be much difficult.
  • The stress of corona virus and isolation or social distancing would make their condition even more badly.
  • This quarantine could make them escape from their usual treatments like going for the therapy sessions or going for one to one sessions with the psychiatrists.

People who’re living with depression during this time of COVID – 19 could find themselves in a condition where:

  • They would be facing difficulty in getting their medications on time.
  • They would be facing fear or anxiety upon the spread of corona virus and how could it affect their near and dear ones.
  • They would be worried about their financial condition as it would be deprived due to the lockdown.
  • They would be feeling uncertain about how they can shop for the necessities.
  • They would be getting more far from their loved ones due to social isolation.
  • They would be facing an increased sense of helplessness and hopelessness for thinking about their future.

By following some of the practices like exercise, meditation and yoga and with that depression treatment in Bhopal would help them in dealing with depression.

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