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Young People and Mental Health Problems Faced by Them

Mental illness is not the thing like we cannot share with anyone around us. If you are a victim of it, you are not alone in this world. There are many sports person, musician, writers, actors, politicians and others who suffer from it at least once in their life. But the treatment/consultation adopted by them is right and they visit to the expert to treat them. Psychologist is a professional, who can provide the right assistance at the right time, but if you as a patient open up about your issues before it becomes so dangerous.  More the time you will spend after its diagnosis, more will be challenging for you to get out of it. So, early diagnosis and right treatment can save you from being grasped by dangerous mental diseases and disorders.

Depression is very dangerous mental disorder and wants to take the joy out of your life, but you have to restrict it and live your normal life. Nowadays many young people are depressed and some leading causes for depression includes relationship failure, over expectation in their educational career, financial problems etc. There are several forms of depression, anxiety, and mood disorders, and according to a study, altogether they affect 14.8 million adults in the United States.

The feelings and mental situation of a person suffering from mental illness will be –

ü  Sadness

ü  Loneliness

ü  Helplessness

ü  Depression

ü  Taking too much sleep

ü  Do not talk to others (friends, family etc.)

There are many people in our society today who suffer from serious mental issues, but they keep their feelings up to him/her. In this way they caught by these issues and suffer for long time. In this way they lose their relations too and become so rude, so alone.

If you are a victim of mental issues at any stage of life, you must Dr. Satyakant Trivedi, a young, professional, experienced psychologist in Bhopal, M.P. He is serving the society by providing best treatment for mental issues such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Phobia, Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), borderline personality disorder (BPD,) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Schizophrenia, Sleeping Disorders, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Childhood Obesity, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) etc.