It is high time to get yourself evaluated and find out if you are one of those who are facing mental health issues because of your toxic relationship.

Mental Health Treatment in Bhopal

Below are few ways by which you can find out if your relationship is hurting your mental health:

  1. You don’t wish to talk: If you are scared about what reaction your partner will give you to a situation, then it is a sign that things are not well into your relationship.
  2. You feel ignored: Psychiatrist in Bhopal suggest that if you are feeling neglected, and then it’s not right. Obviously, your partner should be a source of joy but you should be there when your partner needs is in worst.
  3. They do not bring out good in you: If your partner is not supporting you in doing right things like giving up cigarettes, losing weight etc, then they are not the one for you.
  4. Your relationship affects friendships: Psychiatrist in Bhopal says that if your partner is getting isolated from his/her old friends and family, and then it’s not good.
  5. You have a feeling that you have to change: If you feel that you have change just because of your partner and for keeping them happy, then it’s definitely not right for you.
  6. Blaming yourself: This could be one of the tricks used by your partner to control you if they know all your weak points. Stop blaming yourself for all the misdeeds.
  7. You fight a lot: Fight can be good for relationship but if it’s not destroying your self confidence. If it’s one of them, then back off.
  8. You feel drained: After having interaction with your partner, if you feel drained as in no energy is left within you, and then it will just be going to exhaust you and take a lot of your time.
  9. They are controlling you: If they are continuously keeping a track on your actions or controlling you, then it is actually serious. You should have a sense of freedom in every relationship you are in.
  10. You don’t like yourself when you are with them: This happens when you doubt them, and you feel annoyed by being with them.

To get your relationships on the right path and working, consult a psychiatrist in Bhopal.

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