Self confidence is the difference of having a feeling of stopped and feeling scared of not performing properly. The perception an individual has plays an important role on how others think about you. The more self confidence an individual have, the more will be chance of success. Although there are a number of factors that are linked with building low self confidence and most of them are beyond our control.  But there are some of the ways by which you can build up your self confidence.

low self confidence

Those are:

  • Dress correctly: Clothes don’t make up a person, but it greatly affects how he feels about himself. When you don’t look physically appropriate, it will change the way you carry yourself. Also the way of interaction with others changes. Thus, you can make significant changes like shaving frequently, wearing proper and clean clothes and follow latest styles.
  • Walk faster: One of the easiest ways of examining an individual is to see how he or she walks. People with great self confidence walk quickly.
  • Good posture: People who have slumped shoulders and lazy movements should low self confidence. They don’t feel enthusiastic about what they’re doing. By practicing good posture can make you feel confident enough. You need to stand up straight, keep your head straight, and make eye contact.
  • Personal commercial: Psychiatrist in Bhopal suggests this as one of the most important factors for building up self confidence.  By listening to great speeches, you can create your speech that highlights your strengths and goals. Then recite this in front of the mirror every morning.
  • Gratitude: When there’s too much of the focus on what you want, your mind will give reasons of what you can’t have. For avoiding this, you must be grateful of everything you have. Write it down every day. Write about your successes, good deeds, skills, positive relationships and positive attitude.
  • Speak up: During group discussions, most of the people don’t speak up as they’re afraid of being judged. You can start up by speaking up in small gatherings and then start in big discussions. This is one of the best ways of building up low self confidence.
  • Compliment others: It is important that you compliment others than by taunting them on their negative behaviour. This would help in bringing best in you.

So, finally you can improve your self-esteem by following these mentioned tips by a Psychiatrist in Bhopal.

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