The relatives of 44-year-old Manoj (name changed) told the psychiatrist that for the past 10 years, he has been talking laughing and smiling to himself. He feels that people are talking about him and conspiring against his family. Concealed cameras have been installed throughout the house to keep an eye on his activities. He restricts himself to his room without changing clothes for weeks. According to his family, after completing studies, he was pursuing a job. Slowly the symptoms started appearing. He was also taken to people practising black magic without any relief. He was not ready to visit a psychiatrist.Worrying what people would think, He was hesitant to consult a psychiatrist.
Schizophrenia is a mental illness that affects the thought process of a person. It may occur in about 1% of the population. Apart from the genetic factors, neurotransmitter dopamine imbalance is considered to be a major factor, which is also the basis of the treatment. Main symptoms are characterized by delusions (to stay adamant on false ideas despite giving reasons), hallucinations (hearing sounds, seeing things without a real source) and severe changes in behavior. Patients mumble and murmur due to hallucinations. Delusion causes them to live in fear and sever all social ties. At times they can remain in same state for hours. Gradually they become incapable to take care of themselves.
According to me (psychiatrist in bhopal)Lack of awareness and feeling of stigma becomes a major obstacle in getting the treatment. There are many misconceptions about this disease like individuals have a split personality (having two personalities in one person), they are violent in nature, can never lead a normal life, cannot do their job, have to stay in a mental hospital and it is the result of black magic.
According to me (Psychiatrist in Bhopal) Effective treatment of schizophrenia is possible. The drugs used belong to the antipsychotic group which should be taken under the supervision of a psychiatrist. The role of the family members is extremely important. The patient should not be neglected as lack of professional advice or negative perception about the treatment may worsen the disease. Help must be administered in following a daily routine and establishing better communication. Avoid referring to this disease as much as possible during regular conversation. It might hurt the self-esteem of the person suffering and increase the stigma towards this disease in the society.