ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder is a condition in which a person has to face problems of hyperactivity, impulsiveness and attention. It is a type of nuero disorder. ADD happens irrespective of the age of the person. Psychiatrist in Bhopal tells that attention deficit disorder can be found in children as well as in adults. In children, ADD can affect as in poor results and unable to learn and concentrate on anything. However in adults, ADD can affect their life in building poor relationships and also in troubled career plans.

ADD treatment in Bhopal

The Symptoms of Attention deficit disorder are divided into three categories:

An adult who have to face problems in concentrating will face some of these symptoms:

  • Getting distracted in just a moment
  • They switch activities very quickly
  • Do not remember things and also miss the details
  • Find it difficult in focusing
  • Gets bored quickly
  • Aren’t able to follow instructions quickly
  • Daydreaming
  • Aren’t able to learn new things
  • They behave blank all the time
  • Gets confused

Adults who are hyperactive and impulsive will face some of these symptoms:

  • They speak nonstop
  • Do not think and act without thinking of the consequences
  • Touching everything that comes in their sight
  • They find it hard to sit still and are constantly in motion
  • They face problems in doing quite jobs
  • Aren’t able to wait
  • Pass inappropriate comments and gestures
  • Interfere in other’s conversations and in between other activities

Some of common symptoms that people with ADD are as follows:

  • Learning problems such as delayed speech, improper development, language problems and also poor academic skill problems
  • One such syndrome tourette syndrome is characterized by repetitive vocal movements or multiple repetitive motor
  • Anxiety disorder
  • OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Mood issues most importantly bipolar disorder and depression
  • Unable to get enough sleep
  • Restlessness in legs disorder
  • Improper substance usage problems
  • Antisocial behavior or in medical terms Oppositional defiant disorder

ADD treatment by a psychiatrist in Bhopal helps their patients in a strong and exceptional manner. It effectively helps people so that they can connect with their inner self once again. Psychiatrist in Bhopal helps their patients to love their body flaws and explore and enjoy the successes of life with full happiness and contentment.


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