ASD or autism spectrum disorder is one of the complex developmental conditions in which an individual faces issues in social interaction, speech and while communicating. The level of this condition and the seniority of symptoms depend from one person to the other. Generally, autism spectrum disorder is first diagnosed in children with some of the most obvious signs or symptoms that can be seen in 2 to 3 years old children. According to the statistics, almost 59 out of 100 children are estimated to have autism. In addition to this, one of the facts that is important for you to know is that it is more common in boys than girls. Well, ASD is a lifelong condition that develops from childhood and therefore it is important for an individual as a parent to consider consulting psychiatrist in Bhopal so as to let your child live a happy and peaceful life.

Autism treatment in Bhopal

It is vital for a parent to conduct early diagnosis and consider treatment so as to reduce the signs or symptoms of autism so that the quality of life is improved for the person suffering with it. Well, there isn’t any medical test for this condition. It is being diagnosed on the basis of how the child talks and acts in comparison of the other children of his or her same age. The trained psychiatrists diagnose this condition by talking with the child and asking the questions related to each and everything.

Some of the possible red flags of developing autism that you need to observe in your child are as follows:

  • Not responding to the name by at least one year of age
  • Not showing interest in some of the activities by at least one and half years
  • Not showing pretend games by at least one and half years
  • Preferring to be alone
  • Getting sad or upset by even the smallest changes
  • Flapping his or her hands again and again
  • Showing intense reactions to the way he or she smell, taste, feel or look at the things.

By reading above red flags, if you notice that your child is showing some of the signs of autism, then you must get Diagnostic evaluation done at the earliest. The Diagnostic evaluation would involve an interview and play testing with your child by psychiatrist in Bhopal so as to understand the level of Autism that has been developed in your child. There is a greater risk of autism if a family member is already suffering from this condition. Therefore, you need to put in extra care if one of your family members is suffering from autism.

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