A warm welcome to Dr. Satyakant Trivedi blog. He is trusted source for psychotherapy and counseling in Bhopal. As a psychologist, he assists his patients to overcome psychological problems and live the normal life. My treatment will provide you with professional support when you feel anxious, stressed, depressed and low. My aim is to guide you towards reaching a unique perspective on life, by exploring your emotions and thoughts.

Dr Satyakant Trivedi

When providing treatment/therapy for mental patients, I always become friendly and ask as many questions as I can. After asking questions, I go for the best possible treatment I can give you. If they have any questions, I clear it and make them feel relaxed.

There are many reasons, why you should visit me –

• A free initial telephone consultation
• Advanced psychological therapy.
• Practitioners with a minimum of 7 years post qualification experience
• Same day appointments available
• Your treatment is confidential

Many a time, a patient think that his/her information regarding the treatment will be kept confidential or not? And for this reason he/she never visits a psychologist in Bhopal, but at my clinic the all information provided by is kept confidential. You need think others may know about your mental disease or disorder. Come to us and find a new hope for your life.

We have a long-standing experience in offering a wide range of psychology, personal development and counseling to our patients in Bhopal, India. Our treatment is affordable and 100% effective. After visiting us, you will feel relaxed, concentrate well in your studies, work etc. After getting our treatment, you will enjoy your life.