BPD stands for Borderline Personality Disorder. Great degree of individuals misunderstand borderline personality disorder that carries large number of marks of disgrace. These misunderstandings with regard to borderline personality disorder can make individuals to stop getting treatment, and impacts the way how individuals behave with borderline personality disorder patients.

BPD treatment in Bhopal

With this post, we are going to discuss about couple of misunderstandings or myths related to borderline personality disorder. Without wasting any time, let us begin:

Myth: Borderline personality disorder is a personality flaw

Every single individuals possesses one of a kind personalities with their own set of characteristics. These characteristics are responsible for the way how we think, what we think, what we feel, how we act, and relate to the world around us. Borderline personality disorder is a long-standing pattern, which impacts the way how individuals relate to the world. According to psychiatrist in Bhopal, borderline personality disorder can be the reason behind great degree of distress and issues in relationships. It can also bring hurdles in the way of our life’s goal. “An individual suffering from borderline personality disorder or any other personality disorder does not implies that his or her personality is flawed. Indeed, it means that the BPD patient has a different way of relating to the world” says psychologist in Bhopal. This can result in distress and reduced or weaken functioning in several areas of life.

Myth: Borderline personality disorder only affects females

A large group of individuals believes that it is only women who suffers from borderline personality disorder. This is completely a myth. “In spite of the fact that there are large number of women who are diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, there are around 25% of males who are suffering from borderline personality disorder, and the number is constantly increasing” says psychologist in Bhopal.

Myth: Borderline personality disorder is caused by childhood trauma

According to psychologist in Bhopal, there are numbers of factor, such as, attachment, childhood trauma and temperament, biological factors such as genetics and neurobiology, and sociocultural factors, which can predispose individuals to develop borderline personality disorder. “Though trauma during childhood has been reported as one of the biggest cause of borderline personality disorder, it is vital to understand that not every single individuals who are suffering from borderline personality disorder has gone through trauma during childhood” suggests psychologist in Bhopal.

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