Personality disorder is a kind of mental health problem in which the person suffering from it may have trouble perceiving as well as in the situations and also to the individuals. There are many kinds of personality disorder. Usually, having a personality disorder means to have a harmful pattern of responding to the situations and also the thinking pattern is firm. This can further lead to rise in the significant issues and also puts restrictions in the social activities, associations and also in the place where you work. In some of the cases, we feel as our thinking and behaving pattern is just natural, and so we do not know how to judge whether we have personality disorder or not. For this, you need to visit to the psychiatrist in Bhopal.

BPD Borderline personality disorder

Below are some of the symptoms that one needs to know about borderline personality disorder. Go through them!

  • Frustration: Most of the people with borderline personality disorder report that they are angry most of the times. The reason for this anger is when a person is neglected by other person, feeling low or any other issue. After the anger is triggered in a human being, they feel irresponsible or feel like there‚Äôs nothing good about them.
  • Impulsiveness: People with borderline personality disorder often act recklessly or even act impulsively. They do not plan to commit self-harm. They act as in taking substance abuse or overdose of alcohol, eating disorder, promiscuity and as well as reckless traveling.
  • Emptiness: People suffering from borderline personality disorder often encounter that they generally feel isolated most of the times. They feel like there are no emotions, no ideas or no desires in their mind.
  • Fears related to rejection: This is more serious than anxiety or stress as this feeling arises in a person when they perceive a future separation of being rejected. It completely changes their whole thought process, image and behavior. They also try to do self-harm as well as committing suicide.
  • Unstable identification: People with borderline personality disorder follow the values, routines and behavior of those with whom they spend most of the time.

I think these above mentioned symptoms of BPD Borderline Personality Disorder will help you to find out whether you are suffering from BPD or not? According to a well-known psychiatrist in Bhopal, Dr. Satyakant Trivedi Mental illness can be treated if you have determination and confidence in yourself.

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