Anxiety disorders like social anxiety disorder are caused by a number of biological and environmental factors like genetics, brain chemistry and trauma. Anxiety triggers are the things that your brain has learned to perceive as dangerous. Some of the triggers include muscle tension, gastrointestinal upset and shortness of the breadth. The experience of social anxiety disorder triggers is very unpleasant and can also lead towards changes in the behavior. It is something that can make you anxious and would lead you to avoid things. The first step towards managing your social anxiety disorder is to consult the psychiatrist in Bhopal so as to minimize your symptoms of this disorder.

social anxiety disorder

In this article, we are going to talk about the common social anxiety triggers that can worsen an individual’s condition. So, those are as follows:

  • Performances: Some of the performances like athletic competitions, musical performances or public speaking develop fear in an individual. People with social anxiety disorder may fear in these kinds of situations and may have to face trouble in performing. This kind of fear can get in between the way of career advancement.
  • Parties & meeting new people: One of the main triggers of social anxiety disorder is meeting new people for the first time or going to a party. This is kind of a challenge for these people if they are sitting in a room full of strangers.
  • Writing & reading: If you have social anxiety disorder, then you may fear writing or reading in front of others. You can notice that your hands would shake as you write and your voice would tremble in front of others while reading something.
  • Stating your opinion: People with social anxiety disorder are afraid to speak up their opinion in front of others, as they fear that they would be judged. Therefore they prefer to stay quiet.
  • Eating in front of others: People who have social anxiety disorder may also fear in eating in front of others. They are triggered by the food or dining companions. They would be afraid of spilling a drink or eating in front of others which would leave them embarrassed.
  • Using public restrooms: Some of the people with this disorder have a fear of using public restrooms without medical cause. It could be developed dating for some of the people with social anxiety disorder which cause towards this.

If you think that these situations are interfering in your daily functioning of life, then it is important to meet a professional & Best Psychiatrist in Bhopal so as to lower the feelings or triggers of social anxiety disorder.

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