In one of the latest studies, it has been found that almost 52% of the young adults are currently suffering from depression. The mental health condition of depression isn’t always caused by a situation. It has been seen that most of the people become depressed even if everything in their life is going perfectly fine. So what causes depression? Well, structural, psychological and biochemical changes that occur in one’s brain is actually responsible for causing depression. Psychiatrist in Bhopal says, there are some of the depression triggers.

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Here we are going to talk about the common depression triggers that give rise to this mental health condition in an individual.

  • Grief or loss: The way an individual handles the grief may depend upon his or her personal experience. And the manner in which they manage their grief depends upon their age, life experiences, personality, state of mind and the situation itself. When an individual takes grief for too long period of time, then this gives rise to depression. People who are grieving should discuss this with their depression doctor in Bhopal so that they can cope up with it easily.
  • Rejection: For some of the people, rejection and social exclusion could be very stressful. This can also give rise to low self-esteem. It depends upon and individuals Genetics and previous experiences and life upon how they handle their rejection. Some of the people, who aren’t able to face rejection, may go into depression. And therefore rejection is considered as one of the triggers of depression which shouldn’t be avoided at any cost.
  • Financial issues: Money problems could cause depression in a number of ways. Studies have clear the fact that low household income is directly linked with mental health disorders like depression. People who have experienced financial issues should consider ways and means of improving their ability to cope up with the stress that are linked with these changes. Therefore, you shouldn’t involve too much in the issue and if you are getting depressed, then seek help.
  • Lack of sleep: The studies have clear the fact that sleep has reciprocal relationship with some of the mental health conditions like depression. Almost about 73 to 75% of depressed people are suffering from insomnia and about 30 to 40% of people are suffering from hypersomnia. Sleep issues are one of the main reasons as to why people seek help for their depression. If you notice that you to have either Insomnia or hypersomnia, then without wasting much time, you must seek depression treatment in Bhopal so that you can manage your routine life in a better manner.

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