Depression is a mental health disorder that impacts the way of our thinking, actions, and feelings as well. More than 8% of the women go through depression at some point of time in their lives, says a doctor, offering depression treatment in Bhopal. This figure intensifies and reaches to 12% in case of pregnant women.


Pregnant women are more vulnerable to depression. What’s more even after weeks and months of giving birth to a baby, they are still likely to suffer from depression. The hormonal changes in woman’s body at the time of pregnancy can lead them to depression and anxiety, says a doctor, offering depression treatment in Bhopal.

In many cases, some pregnant women even fail to recognize that they are going through depression. Perhaps, they consider the symptoms of depression as the symptoms of pregnancy, says a doctor, offering depression treatment in Bhopal. However the good news is that depression can be effectively treated if you opt for it at the right time. Here are few symptoms of depression to help you recognize it:

  • changes in appetite, like eating too much or having little interest in food
  • changes in sleep, such as trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
  • crying for no reason
  • lack of energy
  • feeling sad, hopeless or worthless
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in activities you normally enjoy.

How does depression affect pregnant women?

Depression in pregnant women can make them care less for themselves that can ultimately lead to other severe damages, such as miscarriage, delivering before the due date, giving birth to a small baby (low birth weight), and so on. Thus, if you are pregnant and suffering from depression, you are ought to opt for depression treatment in Bhopal.

Can depression be cured?

A large number of the population has been successfully cured of depression. Depression treatment in Bhopal may include social support, family therapy, individual therapy, medications and so on. In the event that you do not opt for depression treatment, it can cause fatal impact, both on you and your baby as well.

If I am taking antidepressants, can I breastfeed my baby?

Breastfeeding holds several advantages in terms of heath for babies. It also establishes a strong bond between a mother and her child. In the event that you are on anti-depressant, a small amount of the same is certainly going to come out through your breast milk. However, it will not impact your kid in anyway.

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