Grief is the normal and natural reaction to significant emotional loss of any kind. A grief is loss, particularly to the loss of someone who love you most or something that has died. Grief arises when we are attached with someone or something that is highly attached to you.

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When someone among us or we self-experience the grief then there are chances that we can develop mental health issues too during the grief. Because when are in grief, we are unable to concentrate on our work and what is going around us. So, grief can lead to mental disorders and mental diseases such as depression, stress, anxiety, negative thoughts etc.

The symptoms of grief are as follow –

Physical symptoms –
A person with grief has tightness in the throat or heaviness in the chest. An empty feeling in the stomach and a loss of appetite is also experienced by a person when he/she has grief.

 Disrupted sleep patterns. Grievers are not being able to sleep or sleeping too much. Dreams of their lost loved one (or scenario), sometimes acknowledging the loss within the dream.

Reduced concentration – A preoccupation with the emotions of loss and an inability to concentrate is experienced.

A Sense of Numbness –
Grievers often experience sense of numbness of physical, emotional or both after notification of a loss.

Changed eating habits.
Grievers has either no appetite or they eat nonstop- or both.

If anyone around you is having these kinds of activities or emotions, he/she may be feeling grief. It’s your responsibility to talk to him and give her appropriate advice. A person with grief needs too much care, emotional assistance and support. If you think, the Griever much affected by the grief, you must take him to the psychiatrist in your area.

Methods for Dealing with Grief

Time heals – It is very true that when time passes a griever would feel better and he/she will forget the main cause of grief.

Leave Griever alone for some time –
It is often good to leave a griever alone in the room for some time. You need to give some time to him to feel normal about grief.   

Be strong.
 Usually the Griever should be strong to bear the loss of his/her family or the loss of anything.

Replace the loss –
This is best solution for pet loss or the end of a romantic relationship. So, if a griever is upset because of a relationship or a pet loss, it could be replaced.

Keep busy –
The best thing, we can do to forget the loss or get out of grief is to keep us busy. Tell the griever about it. Give him any task so that he can change the way of feeling and live cool.

Grief Counseling
Grief counseling by a mental health consultant or a psychiatrist is always beneficial for a griever. Dr. Satyakant Trivedi is Bhopal based psychiatrist having deep knowledge of mental health and its symptoms. Visit him to get rid of depression, stress, anxiety, grief, OCD, Schizophrenia, suicidal thoughts etc.

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