So, are you the one who is suffering with depression and is it affecting your marriage? For sorting this out, have you sought couple counseling for depression? The couples counseling can be very beneficial for the couples who want to navigate their life between the fogs of depression and want to focus on their marriage.

couple depression counseling

Most of you would be wandering that how depression and marriage are linked?

There are a number of ways by which depression negatively affects the marriage. Some of those are:

  • No communication between them.
  • They find it harder to enjoy the quality time.
  • Feeling of difficulty with intimacy.
  • Feelings of hopelessness.
  • Times of sad when you see negativity all around.

However, most of the people try to cope up with the depression in their own way by using alcohol and drugs. Obviously, by using alcohol or drugs can affect a marriage in a negative way and also increase the depression. This is the reason so as to why it is vital for the couples to get couples counseling as depression affect both of them. Here are the three ways by which couples can get couples counseling:

Providing a Safe Place to Talk: Struggling with depression can hinder you from getting all you need. Some of those are thinking that you’re weak or incapable, believing that you’ll not be able to deal with it, feeling embarrassed on showing the symptoms of depression and more. This is the reason so as to why the couple’s therapy is so valuable. During a session, the psychologist in Bhopal will be able to create an environment where you will be comfortable in talking everything.

Understanding Your Actions: Depression shows some of the actions that your partner would find it difficult to understand. In couples counseling, you and your partner would learn about the actions that are about depression. This way you can avoid intense damage to the marriage.

Getting to the Root of the Problem: It would be better if you realize that your marriage and depression has overlapped each other. And thus, it is important for you to get on to the root cause of the depression. During couples counseling, psychiatrist in Bhopal can help you in judging out the root cause and then destroying it from the root.

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