According to the latest studies, it has been found out that the percentage of male death comprises of 80% of all the suicides in India. Also, the suicide is more common in young adults or adolescents than in the older people. Suicide is considered as the second most cause of death for the individuals that are aged amongst 15 to 34. If we talk about past year, then it was known that almost 47,000 lives were lost due to suicide and this is actually equal to one death in every 11 minutes.

suicidal thoughts

The reasons why people try to commit suicide are:

  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Genetics
  • Substance abuse
  • Family situations
  • Social situations

Mental illness plays a large role in the increase in risk of suicide. It is estimated that over 90% of the people with mental disorders take their own life. Also, it has been noticed that the people who try to commit suicide with some or the other mental illness, the risk gradually decreases once they go for treatment. Thus, it is always recommended that if you notice some of the symptoms of suicide, then you need to consult a psychiatrist before it’s too late.

Heredity also plays a lead role in the risk of suicide. A person with a family history of suicide also indicates that there’s an increased risk of suicide amongst the other family members. If there’s a family history of mental disorders and substance abuse, then this also contributes towards the risk of committing suicide. In the similar manner, when a person watches someone committing suicide, then this also contributes towards suicidal behavior.

Family and social issues also contributes towards increase in the risk of suicide. Some of the issues like unemployment, poverty, childhood sexual abuse, social isolation, loss of a loved one and more can increase the risk of suicide. Therefore, it is always suggested to consult psychiatrist in Bhopal before the situation becomes extreme.

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