As news about the corona virus outbreak continues to dominate the headlines and millions of people around the World, it has become increasingly significant to take care of your mental health. Apart from your physical health, mental health is also key to keep you mentally strong. If you’ve been feeling anxious, frustrated, depressed, confused or fearful know that you’re not alone. There are millions of people around the globe who is struggling to make decisions, keep them energetic & mentally strong.

Here are valuable tips to protect your mental health during the corona virus pandemic –

Don’t follow Social media news – It is recommended for everyone not to follow social media. Social media news is confusing, misguided and fake most of the times, so according to psychiatrist in Bhopal, Dr. Satyakant Trivedi you must not depend on social media for getting news and corona virus pandemic.

Get information from only reliable sources – It will be helpful for everyone in the current scenario that you receive the news and information from a trusted & reliable source such as national news agency, printed news agency etc. Some legitimate and reliable sources of COVID-19-related news and updates will keep you updated about the covid19 outbreak.

Plan ahead and create a routine – YES, like normal days, you need to plan things and follow them strictly. A well planned routine is always helpful for everyone to keep busy and being positive. Plan things smartly, as life must go on during the Corona virus pandemic says Dr. Satyakant Trivedi.

Stay connected with your family and friends – I think, this is top most thing to follow this time. Follow social distancing, but through internet, social media, mobile phone, be connected to your family, friends and well-wisher.  Maintaining social networks can foster a sense of normality and provide valuable outlets for sharing feelings and relieving stress.

Keep yourself busy – Engaging in activities that distract you from current events can also be helpful in managing stress and get out of depression says psychiatrist in Bhopal. Keep you busy in your business, home tasks, favorite movies and TV shows, gardening and even you can do some creative tasks.

Perform Yoga Exercise at Home – During Corona virus crisis, many people are keeping them fit by performing yoga and exercise at home. You need not join a gym for exercise, do some simple exercises and be physically fit.

Think positive – According to mental health professionals and psychiatrist in Bhopal, thinking positive boost your confidence and get out of frustration. This situation is temporary and everything will be fine.

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