With pregnancy comes joy and excitement of new life, for some pregnancy is clouded through depression, a condition that puts both mother and child at the risk. For some pregnant women, the coming birth of infant is mingled with continuous feeling of hopelessness and sadness and anxiety and decreased appetite and sleeping troubles. Fortunately expectant mom need into suffer from this issue. During pregnancy Depression treatment in Bhopal is made possible with either psychotherapy or antidepressant medicine.

Depression and sleep

During pregnancy doctors try keeping women off antidepressants unless they have serious depression or if they are having relapsing if taken off antidepressants earlier. Instead other interventions, psychotherapy are used for reducing the antidepressants needs.

No treating is riskier-

In case the depression is so bad the pregnant lady is not eating or gaining weight, for example then it must be aggressively cured as possible.

Those who are at the risk for depression during pregnancy, those who have fight severe depression earlier or have faced depression before getting pregnant, the new is very good. The risks associated with the consumption of antidepressants are minimal.

What should be considered when settling on whether to take or not the antidepressants or try any therapies. What research is available to help put expectant mothers mind at easiness?

According to Psychiatrist in Bhopal, for mild or moderate depression, use of group therapy or psychotherapy than antidepressants would be better Depression treatment in Bhopal.

For women with severe depression the danger of relapse after quitting antidepressants is greater than the risk posed by curing with medicine.

In case health behaviors aren’t well due to depression, it can have false impact. If women aren’t eating, sleeping, feeling stressed, these can have adverse impact on fetus development. Obviously suicidal thought is another risk linked with depression.

Risk factors for depression at the time of pregnancy-

Some risk factors for depression at the time of pregnancy is-

  • Life stress
  • Anxiety
  • intimate partner violence
  • History of depression
  • Poor social support
  • Unintended pregnancy

Signs and symptoms of depression at the time of pregnancy-

  • More anxiety about baby
  • Low self esteem
  • Inability of experiencing pleasure from activities found enjoyable
  • Suicidal ideas
  • Smoking
  • Weight gain

Why is treatment important?

If you leave depression uncured you may not look optimal prenatal care, eat healthy food your baby want, have energy for caring self. Also you are at the high risk of postpartum depression and having difficulties in bonding with infant. Based upon the seriousness, Depression treatment in Bhopal options needs to include antidepressants and psychotherapy.

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