The most common symptoms of PMS (that is, Premenstrual Syndrome) that are seen in women are headaches, bloating and mood swings. Almost 90% or more than that of women experience these symptoms before or during their monthly cycles. But for some of the women, the symptoms are discomfort feeling and also a feeling of loneliness. It is often viewed and as because of the physical experience of most of the women, the Premenstrual Syndrome proves that your monthly cycles or periods can have an adverse effect on your mental health.

mental issues and menstruation

Here is the reason why? Most of the psychiatrist in Bhopal agrees to the fact that the hormonal changes are related to the monthly cycles. According to the recent study, it has been shown that there is a connection between menstrual cycle and low levels of serotonin. Serotonin is a type of chemical in the brain that helps the brain in transmitting nerve signals to other parts of the body. If there are changes in the serotonin level, it contributes to the menstrual cycle as serotonin helps in controlling sleep, mood swings and cramps or pain during the menstrual cycle.

It has also been noticed that depression and anxiety are common to women in menstrual cycle. These are the hormonal period changes that can also worsen the mood of the women at that particular time. And because of these relationships also suffer due to emotional mood swings of depression, anxiety and sense of frustration and that leads to mental health problems. If a woman is suffering from some or the other mental health problems, then it can also cause worse period problems and it can also make the situation worse. The researchers also prove the fact that those women who have anxiety disorder or depression would experience shorter menstrual cycles. Irregular menstrual cycles are closely related to eating disorders, anxiety and depression.

Just as women face mental health issues, there is a ray of hope for those women who face period problems as then it affects mental health. Psychiatrist in Bhopal suggests that if one change their way of living such as eliminating coffee and sugar, ignoring the use of alcohol and getting good hours of sleep can also help that women in maintaining their monthly cycles.

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