A vast majority of people in India spends the bulk of their waking hours at work and it has been noticed that many of us do not produce the work that is expected in those working hours. So, to be productive,   positive work environment becomes important. But, what about if anyone is suffering from mental disorder such as depression, stress, schizophrenia or OCD.

OCD symptoms

According various researches, people with mental disorder, is unable to produce quality work during productive hours. Mental disorders at the workplace are equally dangerous as inability to work. Workplace stress and job pressures often drive people to the verge of a mental breakdown.

Mental Disorders becomes obstacle in concentrating

Many of us had already observed that when we are in mental pressure or mentally disturbed, we are unable to concentrate and give our 100% to the work. Mental illness makes us mentally weak and throughout the day, we start thinking about our future, our relations and finances. So, it is a dangerous health issue that should not be ignored.

Need to change the attitude toward mental health

Mental problems of employees highly affect the productivity and profitability of an organization. So, an organization should try to communicate with the employee who is undergoing a mental illness. As, you already know most of the mental disorders are treatable. So, as early as possible, management or head of organization should try to understand the situation and provide best treatment for mental health disorders.

Also organizations should try not to hinder their performance, on the contrary, factors such as work-related strain, lack of appreciation, interpersonal problems, unfair organizational practices, should be stopped.

Visiting a Mental Health Professional

Seeking professional help if you or your loved one is suffering from any mental health disorder is the need of time. Before a mental disorder ruin your life, contact a psychiatrist in Bhopal. Call Satyakant Trivedi on 8719838605 to get in touch with professional, leading psychological counselor in Bhopal.

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