A number of researches have helped us in gaining a lot of information about ADHD. But still, there are many myths that cause confusion in the minds of people and they find it difficult for them to function at School, office or at other places. Instead of staying in confusion, it is vital that you gain much knowledge about it and seek ADHD treatment if you are noticing some or the other symptoms.

ADHD-Treatment in Bhopal

So in this blog we are going to talk about the common myths that most people have in their mind about ADHD.

Myth No. 1: ADHD isn’t one of the real medical conditions

Fact: According to National Institute of Health, the medical professionals recognize ADHD as one of the real medical conditions. Also, it is one of the conditions that develop mostly in the childhood. Almost half number of population of kids are suffering from this condition. The brain imaging studies cleared the difference that occurs in between the people with ADHD and other people.

Myth No. 2: Person who are suffering with this condition isn’t able to focus.

Fact: According to psychiatrist in Bhopal – Dr. Satyakant Trivedi, we can’t deny from this fact that people with this condition fees great difficulty in concentrating and focusing. But on the other hand, this fact is also true that people who are interested in something, you can easily focus on it. But kids who suffer from ADHD easily gets distracted in class and aren’t able to focus on anything.

Myth No. 3: ADHD is an outcome of bad parenting

Fact: Well, it is vital for an individual to understand the fact that ADHD is caused by the differences in brain and not by the bad parenting. Most of the people see that kids become impulsive or do not listen to their adults and assume that it is due to bad parenting. They aren’t able to see the signs of medical condition in that and therefore they do not understand that it could be due to some or the other underlying issue. The child being impulsive could be one of the signs of this condition and therefore the parents should consider consulting child psychiatrist in Bhopal so as to avoid consequences.

Myth No. 4: Only boys have ADHD

Fact: According to the studies, it has been cleared that boys are more than twice as likely two girls get diagnosed with ADHD. But this doesn’t mean that girls doesn’t get ADHD. Girls tend to be less troublesome and less impressive than the boys and therefore most of the time the symptoms of this condition gets ignored in girls.

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