Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a kind of anxiety disorder. In this particular kind of disorder, people have repeated and unwanted thoughts, feelings, emotions, obsessions (about some particular things) or repeated behaviors. OCD patient feel driven by something that makes them do to repeat their work. If a person is suffering from OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, then they may find their behavior and thoughts irrational and they often feel as they are not able to control them.


There are some of the symptoms that are generally observed in the people who are suffering from OCD disorder. Below are some of them, have a look!

  • Repeated and unwanted irrational thoughts and ideas
  • Thoughts of harming yourself
  • Thoughts of harming someone you love
  • Checking of things again and again
  • Counting of your belonging repeatedly
  • Doing cleaning repeatedly
  • Constantly washing your hands
  • Repeatedly checking that the doors, windows or stoves are closed
  • Arranging the items of your house or office in a better way

There are some of the treatments options available to treat the OCD and those are as follows:

  • Psychotherapy: There is a kind of therapy called ERP or Exposure and Response Prevention that is considered to be one of the most effective treatments for the people with OCD. In this particular type of therapy, the patient is allowed to expose to an object or obsession such as dirt and then he himself has to find a way to cope with this kind of anxiety. OCD treatment in Bhopal is continuously trying to take this therapy with OCD patients.
  • Medications: Another way to get rid of the OCD is to consult a doctor and take medications. OCD treatment in Bhopal also serves their patients with medications that will help them in relaxing their mind and get rid of stress and tension. There are some of the medicines that will effectively help one in controlling their repeated actions, thoughts, obsessions and compulsions. The doctors provide some of the antidepressants to treat OCD.
  • Other treatments: Most of the times it has been observed that psychotherapy and medications together are not at all enough to treat and control the obsessive thoughts or ideas. There are some of the researches going on and one of the effective ways that comes out is DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation). OCD treatment in Bhopal is continuously giving their high success rates.

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