Are you hooked on a sanitizer? Do you want your closet to be organized all the time? Actions like this usually be characterized by the personality or preferences of an individual, but in some of the extreme cases, it can pinpoint one of the serious issues that is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. So, are you confused whether you have OCD or not? If yes, then go through this checklist recommended by the reputed psychiatrist in Bhopal.

OCD treatment in Bhopal

Obsessions about Dirt & Contamination

  • Unwanted fears of contracting a serious illness
  • Excessive concerns about dirt and germs
  • Feelings of disgust against bodily waste or secretions
  • Concerns about sticky substances

Obsessive Need for Order or Symmetry

  • Overwhelming need to align objects
  • Concerns about neatness of either personal appearance or environment

Obsessions about Saving

  • Stashing away useless trash
  • Inability to discard anything just because it may be needed sometime

Repetitive Rituals

  • Repeating routine activities on a regular basis for no logical reason
  • Repeating questions over and over
  • Rewriting words or phrases

Nonsensical Doubts

  • Unwanted fears that arise that an individual has failed to do any of the routine tasks

Religious Obsessions

  • Troublesome or sacrilegious thoughts
  • Excessive concerns about right or wrong

Obsessions with Aggressive Content

  • Unwanted fear of causing some fatal tragedy like fire
  • Repeated images of violence striking in the head
  • Unwanted fear of acting out as a result of a violent thought
  • The irrational fear of hurting someone tremendously

Obsessions with Food & Weight

  • Any already occupied mind with certain foods or food measurements
  • Some of the rituals which involve food like ensuring the fact that every bite is of the same size
  • Fears that some foods are bad for health and thus must be avoided
  • Being overly concerned about own weight

Superstitious Fears

  • Rising the belief that some of the particular numbers are “lucky” or “unlucky”
  • Ritualized hand-washing, showering, bathing, or brushing
  • The feeling that household items are contaminated and can’t be cleaned even if being washed several times

Compulsions about Having Things Just Right

  • Need for symmetry and total order
  • Need to keep doing the same thing until and unless it gets “just right”

Hoarding Compulsions

  • Inspecting trash again and again so as to ensure that any “valuable” item has not been thrown away
  • Collecting useless objects

Checking Compulsions

  • Repeatedly checking if the door is properly locked or the gas stove is turned off
  • Checking again and again so as to make sure that no one has being harmed
  • Checking and rechecking for mistakes

If you find some or more symptoms in you or people around you, then it is vital that you consider OCD treatment in Bhopal.

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