Nowadays, preserving a healthy mind is a great challenge for us. Around us, there are many people who may suffer from mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, stress, OCD or any other. According to a psychiatrist in Bhopal, keeping you mentally fit and healthy is a real challenge for you.

Stress relieving tips

Are you interested to get some practical ways by which you can preserve a healthy mind and keep depression away from you?

Here are 20 practical ways to maintain a healthy mind –

1) Make sure you are getting sufficient rest. Sleep actually boosts your mental health.

2) Feel what you feel! Don’t try to control your feelings. Never try to controlling or changing your feelings.

3) Spend time enjoying your hobby. Your hobby may include art, writing stories, gardening, listening to good music etc.

4) Find one person who is willing to listen to you. The listener may be your family member or a friend or a colleague. It will relieve stress from your mind and provide you positivity.

5) Make friends! Stick to your friends and share what you want to share with them. Schedule lunches, dates, or get-togethers with your friends more often.

6) Make the decisions with proper understanding. Worry will consume your mind, so after making a decision, you need not worry for that. Ask God to help you not to worry.

7) Forgive yourself for past mistakes. If you have made any mistake in the past, it’s very true that you have kept it in mind. Thinking about past mistakes will ruin your present, so live in the present only.

8) Throw a mini-party for yourself! It’s important to acknowledge successes– not just failures.

9) Stay away from drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol makes you addicted and after some days, you find it very hard to withdraw yourself. When you consume cigarettes, illegal drugs, and alcohol, these drugs tamper with your mental health.

10) Be strong and believe in yourself. Your self-confidence and self-esteem will help you achieve whatever you want to achieve and you will feel great after achieving it.

11) Learn something new! Because, when you learn something new, it gives you pleasure and you feel confident. Also, learning something will keep you busy all the time.

12) Eat healthy. Know, which foods you like most and which food gives you extra joy after eating them. Following a proper diet always offers energy and mental peace.

13) Do exercise daily. Regularly exercising can help to cut back stress in your life. Exercise offers loads of energy into your body and helps concentrating well in your work.

14) Keep away from negative persons. Avoid meeting such persons and don’t listen them, as their thinking can make you a negative person.

15) Manage your time well. It is proven that more you become managed, less are chances that you will feel stressful and depressed.

16) Join a club or social group that meets regularly.  According to mental health counselors and psychotherapists in Bhopal, this will help to create a community in your life, fueling purpose in your life.

17> Do meditation, as it helps to boost your concentration and helps to release stress.

18> Start thanking to the God. Praise the God for everything that you have achieved in your life.

19> Sleep proper in the night. If you watch TV or use mobile for late night, stop it as early as you can.

20> If you feel, you may have depression or any other mental health issue, go to a psychiatrist and treat it. Mental problems can be treated, but a patient has to walk to a mental health professional.

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