Life is a mixture of good and bad situations. Every person in the world goes with many peaks and valley; it is the nature of life so we have to learn how to manage and deal with this kind of problem. Some face the problem while some breaks from inside due to this they suffers metal problems like stress, depression, anxiety and many more.  Mental health disorders in youth are very common nowadays and the reason behind this is their parents are busy in their hectic schedule due to which they do not have much time to give their children.

Like in India, there are many reasons for increasing rate of mental health disorder in youth in Bhopal. Addiction of drugs and alcohol are now very probable nowadays among youths which change the way that they think and feel.  Break ups in relationships are also the reasons of depression in youth and the result they are thinking about suicide were depression and substance abuse.

Suicide cases in Bhopal

In this case, person needs a consultant and support of family and friends who shows him a right path. Speaking with a psychiatrist about these issues can often time help get down to the underlying reasons that an individual abuses substances.  Depression is the worst thing in life; it feels you like a loser and failure in every situation of life which you are stressed about. All this mental stress and tension and depression start affecting the mental health immediately. It is always suggested to go for a medical treatment before all starts mentally misbalancing you.

The only way to get treatment for mental disorder in youth is that they need proper treatment and time of family and friends. A psychiatrist like Dr. Satyakant Trivedi can perform medical and psychological tests to understand the patient’s physical and mental state. It includes various forms of psychotherapy, medications, and hospitalization depending on the needs of the patient. The specialist also helps the patient to understand the basis of the problems and find solutions. There are many possible ways to solve the mental health disorder in youth.