Most of the times, you would have noticed that people challenge themselves for the things they can’t do. This is the place where social anxiety disorder rises. It has been estimated that almost 12% of the population are affected with social anxiety.

social anxiety disorder

People with social anxiety disorder are suffered from all the areas as in they have trouble in making friends, trouble in maintaining relationships, they find it difficult to come into relationship, balancing of career and more. Though, it can be seriously debilitating, but it is important that along with anxiety treatment in Bhopal, they try certain self-help strategies.

Self-help strategies can effectively help in reducing the symptoms of social anxiety disorder. People with social anxiety most of the times feel that they are in trap and what is the best way of getting out of that trap? Do something.

So, here are some self-help strategies that can help you while you’re a sufferer of social anxiety disorder.

  • Get Yourself Out There: Although it can be tempting to avoid anxiety situations, but it is equally important that you get yourself out there. This means you need to step out of your comfort zone and do things that you find odd. Also, you need to prepare yourself to properly handle being out there.
  • Get Help: You shouldn’t wait for tomorrow or next week or next time for the crisis to appear. If you don’t want to approach a friend or relative, then go for psychiatrist in Bhopal. They could really help you in treating your anxiety disorder.
  • Improve Your Health: If you are poor in health, then it is vital that you start improving your health. It could help you in getting rid of anxiety on an early basis. Go for exercising and eat a healthy yet balanced diet. Also, stay away from alcohol.
  • Keep a Journal: Maintain a daily journal so as to see how much you’ve improved. Also, it will help you in recognizing about your habits and thought patterns.
  • Write Down Your Goals: It isn’t about how vague your goals are. All you need to do is to write all your goals on a paper and stick it somewhere you’ll notice every day. Read them every day and motivate yourself that you’re capable of achieving everything you desire for.

According to Dr. Satyakant Trivedi, a leading psychiatrist in Bhopal, self-help strategies mentioned above will really help you to cope up with SAD.

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