In the month of March, a girl, named, Suhasini, from Tamil Nadu, committed suicide since her math exam was so tough that she did not stand the chance of getting great marks as expected. During her class 10 exams, she had scored more than 92% in Math. She was not scared that she will fail, rather, she thought that her performance would not be stellar, and hence, she killed herself.

Depression in kids

There are large number of such incidents that are happening all around the nation. These incidents reminds us about the pervasive culture of marks-paranoia that dominates our education system, and as a matter of fact, great degree of students have been victims of it.

“There are several students in India who are suffering from clinical depression and stress related issues, however, such issues are one of the most understated phenomena”, says psychiatrist in Bhopal. In any case, even accessible research and anecdotes on depression in youths and youngsters point to how genuine it is. A Department of Pediatrics study from Institute of Maternal and Child Health of Calicut Medical College conducted a research and found that 73% of children are stressed. Some of the major reasons behind stress among children includes examination failure, learning issues, general stress in family and at school.

According to a psychiatrist in Bhopal, high expectations from parents and their behavior plays a major role in school-related stress among children.  Moreover, it would not be possible for teachers to pay individual attention to every single students in a class of 40 or more students. Learning issues and examination failures are the two major cause of depression among children these days.  “It is very imperative to address such issues among this group of children while planning academic curriculum”, says psychiatrist in Bhopal.

The system of examination and high expectations from parents are the major reasons behind the pressure on child. They are ones who make the early lives of children so stressful. There are several students who see psychiatrist in Bhopal regarding their issues such as, stammering, nightmares and asthma. And in most of the cases, it has been noticed that their school-coping levels are stretched.

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