Now days, it has been noticed that over 60% of the young population are using substance and they get addicted to substance in a very short period of time. Obviously, it is curable with the help of psychiatrist in Bhopal but then condition with this is that if only the person is willing to get rid of these substances and want to restart their life in the healthiest ways. However, in the beginning it would be difficult for you to deal with that person, but not impossible. Substance abuse is a condition which is absolutely treatable. Most of the people underestimate it as the end of the road but it is not like that. If you are seeking right treatment and at the right time, you can easily overcome all the hurdles that are stopping you from living a normal and healthy life. Psychiatrist in Bhopal is a psychiatrist who will help you in mending your ways in healthy living.

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Below are some of the major symptoms of addiction or substance abuse:

  • Red eyes
  • Dried mouth
  • Sense of feeling high
  • Poor performance
  • Low concentration
  • Increased BP
  • Anxiety

Most of the addicted people feel like this:

  • The urge to take substance regularly or daily or even at several times a day
  • You feel intense urge to take the substance as soon as possible and that blocks any other thought process.
  • You feel the need to take more substances at the same time in order to get the sense of satisfaction
  • If you are taking large amounts of substances over a longer duration of time
  • You ensure the fact that you carry a supply of drug or substance
  • You try to spend money on substance even thought you aren’t able to afford it
  • Cutting back on recreational activities, not meeting work obligations
  • Even though substance is causing harm to you physically or psychologically, even then you continue to use it
  • Stealing the substance
  • Doing risky things or driving even when you are under influence of it
  • Trying to stop yourself from using it but failing in it

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