ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is under a myth for quite a long time now that this condition greatly affects males. But, this fact isn’t true as more of the girls are being diagnosed by this condition. Well, if we talk about it in general, then girls suffer from inattentive ADHD in which they have daydreaming and shyness as the symptoms. And for the boys, hyperactive-impulsive ADHD is much more common.

ADHD treatment in Bhopal

If an individual decides to live with undiagnosed ADHD, then it can result in a number of drawbacks, like low self-esteem, self-blame and more. If it’s left undiagnosed, then this condition can affect mental health into either adolescence or adulthood. Therefore, it becomes much more important for an individual as a parent to seek ADHD treatment.

We all are aware of the symptoms of ADHD in boys. So in this article, we are going to talk about the symptoms of ADHD in girls as those are often overlooked.

Always in Motion: If a girl is always in motion or she likes more of the physical activities, then she might be declared as “tomboy”. But it is vital that you understand that she might be in motion if there’s something or the other underlying issue.

Lack of Impulse Control: If a girl is talkative, verbally impulsive, interfering in between the others, talking more than usual or is changing the topics, then it is a sure sign that she may be suffering from ADHD.

Always stays inattentive: For the girls with ADHD, it becomes almost difficult for them to stay attentive or focused in their class or school. They can easily get distracted by just small events. For example, if there’s a chirp of bird outside the room, then she can get distracted from the work that she may be doing with full concentration.

When you need to seek help?

If you notice that your daughter or any one of your loved ones are suffering from ADHD or there are even few of the symptoms of ADHD, then you must consult child psychiatrist in Bhopal so as to treat and manage the symptoms of ADHD. The intervention can be adjusted in between and that gives good results, which includes behavior management techniques, organizational strategies, medication, counseling and support.

If you simple know that your girl has been suffering from ADHD, then it can relieve her from a huge burden of guilt and shame. In addition to this, it can also free her from some of the bad labels like unmotivated, stupid, or lazy. You need to seek one of the best psychiatrist in Bhopal that’s what is important.

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