Depression is a mental illness and should be dealt with accordingly. It isn’t something to be embarrassed of. The reason such a significant number of people neglect to look for help for their depression is that they are embarrassed. Lamentably, this is one of the feelings associated with depression anyway and makes the illness difficult to acknowledge.

depression symptoms

Insomnia, excessive sleeping, fatigue, aches, pains, digestive problems or reduced energy may also be associated with depression.

Feelings like helplessness and hopelessness are symptoms of depression, not the reality of situation. Varies from person to person, there are some causes of depression:

  1. Circumstances: Is your circumstance turning sour physically, monetarily or emotionally? People enduring with severe physical disease are inclined to depression, if the disease is severe and long. Someone who is battling fiscally can without much of a stretch be depressed. Joblessness can cause a ton of nerves and bothers that can victimize our significant serenity.
  2. Family Issue: Breakdown family relationship had made numerous vibes among people like life is pointless and useless. If both of these are your present life condition, it’s typical for you to get depressed. This situation is generally overcome by most persons in a relatively short period of time. Be that as it may, they trigger genuine depression for a few.
  3. Menopause Stage: A lady on her menopausal stage experiences state of mood swings. These are only a portion of the body issues that add to the reason for depression.
  4. Post Marriage Depression: Post marriage depression is regular in woman when contrasted with men, since when a lady particularly Indian, gets married, she will undoubtedly live with her in-laws. However men live with their own families. Consequently, woman experience a few new and uncomfortable tenets and laws that change their reality forever, making it extremely intense to adjust for them in another and new situation.
  5. Postpartum Depression: Postpartum depression is connected to chemical, social, and mental changes related with having a child. The term portrays a scope of physical and emotional changes that numerous new mothers encounter. The good news is post pregnancy anxiety can be treated with medicine and guidance.
  6. Past Experience: Past experience is one of the major causes of depression. Children with unloving home or who suffered from child abuse often known to be depressed.
  7. Durning Pregnancy: Pregnancy was once thought to be a time of prosperity that secured woman against mental disorder. But depression occurs in pregnant woman too due to lack of support, marital issue, unwanted child etc.

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