The term bipolar disorder is used as a synonym for brain disorder which causes changes in one’s mood, energy and ability to function. People who have bipolar disorder may have to experience extreme states of emotions which can generally last up to days or up to weeks and therefore it is sometimes referred to as mood episodes.

Bipolar disorder

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These mood episodes are distinguished as:

  • Abnormally happy mood
  • Abnormally irritable mood
  • Depressive or sad mood

People who face this condition of bipolar disorder may also have to face periods of neutral mood when they feel nothing at all. If an individual gets bipolar disorder treatment done, then they can lead productive lives.

Here in this blog we are going to talk about the three types of bipolar disorder that we can find in people. The types of bipolar disorder are as follows:

Bipolar I Disorder: In this particular type of bipolar disorder, the patient experiences manic episodes. During the phase of manic episode, the patient may feel extremely happy or may also feel irritated all the time. Some of the people with that illness also experience periods of neutral mood.

Treatment of bipolar I disorder

Bipolar I disorder can gradually improve by seeking treatment. One of the most important things that psychiatrist in Bhopal first recommends to their patients is the combination of medications as well as therapies.

Bipolar II Disorder: When an individual has been diagnosed with bipolar II disorder, then it is for sure that he or she may be suffering from at least one major depressive episode or at least one hypomanic episode. The patients of bipolar II disorder 5 other mental illnesses as well like anxiety, substance use disorder and more.

Treatment of bipolar II disorder

The treatment of bipolar II disorder is just same as the treatment of bipolar I disorder. The psychiatrists usually recommend a combination of medication and psychotherapy. The commonly used medications mood stabilizers and antidepressants and that too depends upon the symptoms that an individual is facing. If the medications are not helping an individual, then easy is used.

It is vital that an individual gains enough knowledge upon this illness that is bipolar disorder so that you can stay aware of all the signs or symptoms. And if you notice any of the symptoms in you or your loved ones, then it is important that you take that into consideration and do not ignore that as that could have serious consequences. Therefore, you must seek treatment of bipolar disorder before it becomes too late to get treatment. By getting treatment from Psychiatrist in Bhopal on time, you can get your life back on track.

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