OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder triggers people suffering from it with repetitive thoughts, compulsions and rituals. If you wish to overcome OCD, then it would require to work differently with uncertainty and the doubts that arise at that time. Like all other anxiety disorders, OCD triggers a person. Before getting to the nerve of this problem, you need to understand how this works.

OCD types

How OCD works?

The OCD works as if you experience doubt and respond to that doubt as it is danger to you. You experience an unwanted thought and then take it as danger. For instance:

  • What if by mistake I left the stove on and my house gets burnt in it?
  • What if I got some poisonous insecticide in my hand and my whole family gets poisoned?
  • What if I took a sharp knife in my hand and end in stabbing my partner?
  • What if a needle gets poked in my hand that is HIV infected?
  • What if I ran over a walker and no one noticed this?

These unwanted thoughts arise in the mind and you try hard to fight with the thoughts. And then the outcome is always zero. Fighting with the thoughts is like losing a game. Whenever you try hard not to think about it, you always end up in thinking more about it.

What are the different types of OCD?

  • Some of the people struggle in their heads and show no change in their behavior. They try hard to get rid of the thoughts mentally. These are obsessions.
  • While some of them take specific measures so as to get rid of the thoughts. Due to fears, they try some of the things so that they can get rid of it. These are rituals.

Why do you have to face these kinds of thoughts?

People suffer from OCD due to some form of the biological or genetic issues that get involved in a person’s behavior. It has been seen that people feel guilty about having OCD. Instead for being guilty, try to overcome this by the OCD treatment in Bhopal.

How can you solve this?

Even if it is a mild case, overcome OCD by consulting a psychiatrist in Bhopal. Start your recovery program with a psychiatrist. A professional therapist would rather help in a better way in treating OCD.

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