De-Addiction Centre In Bhopal

Welcome to the Dr. Satyakant Trivedi Clinic, a pioneer De-Addiction Centre in Bhopal established for treating and rehabilitating persons addicted to alcohol and other drugs. Drug and behavioral addiction is on the rise. Addiction is often associated with ambivalence along with a sense of shame and guilt. The changing cultural values and systems and with advancement in technology newer forms of addiction are on the increase. It is very important to address these problems through early interventions.
Dr. Satyakant Trivedi is considered to be one of the best Geriatric Psychiatrist in Bhopal offering comprehensive treatment and helping elderly people overcome their 3 D disaster of old age namely:

Problems Addressed

• Drug Addiction
• Alcohol Addiction
• Delirium
• Mobile Addiction
• Behavioral Addiction

De-Addiction Services

The Clinic offers services for the all the different types of addiction and also extends services for newer and minor forms of addiction which are under recognized but tend to impair the social, economic and occupational life of the dependent. The following services are included as part of the De-Addiction therapy:


• Counseling
• Medical Management or Detoxification
• Psychotherapy
• Talk Therapy
• Follow Up Care
• Counseling for Relapse Prevention
• Motivational intervention and Motivational enhancement therapy
• Cue exposure therapy
• Cognitive behavioral therapy
• Mindfulness therapies
• Group Sessions
• Familiar Therapy
• AA meetings & NA meetings
• Other Rehabilitation Services

Dr. Satyakant Trivedi has extensive experience in assessment and treatment of chemical/drug addictions like alcoholism, smoking, illicit drug like opium, stimulants, etc. He also offers a comprehensive de-addiction service for behavioral addiction which includes Internet addiction, surfing, gaming, chat room, social media and also sex addiction, gambling and gaming addiction. The clinic also offers both harm minimization and abstinence program. In the case of detoxification from drug and alcohol, hospitalization may be required, and in some cases it is optional. Dr. Satyakant Trivedi can also arrange for alternative interventions like Clinical Hypnosis, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic therapies, etc.
Accepting the problems and limitations and going beyond them is the very first step towards rehabilitation which will definitely help to change the outlook of the individual. Individuals who think that they may have an addictive problem are encouraged to seek consultation at the clinic wherein a systematic evaluation of motivation for change is addressed. All clients are treated with respect and treatment is guided according to the individual needs.